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The Plan Bee Mission and Philosophy



The mission of Plan Bee is to be a local source for high quality food and crops grown at our farm using organic principles that result in safe food and a healthy environment. Through innovative marketing strategies, we provide an exciting shopping experience and educate our community about the benefits of eating locally grown foods. We seek to achieve these goals for the community while providing funding to support a cure for MS.


Organic Practices:

At Plan Bee, we believe that there is a better way to farm than the chemical status quo. We believe that by working with the natural rhythms of the soil, plants, people and microorganisms, we can grow excellent tasting food without the environmental and health risks that can accompany chemical intensive farming practices. We practice Certified Organic Farming. As organic farmers we never use chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides or genetically modified plants. Instead we rely on things like compost, crop rotation and cover crops to keep our land and crops healthy and productive.



We believe our society should choose carefully how and where we produce our food. For environmental reasons, we believe that it is imperative that local communities learn how to feed themselves from local and regional sources. We also know that locally grown food is fresher and tastes better!


Farm Land Preservation:

The importance of preserving our region's farmland relates directly back to the idea of being able to grow its own food. We also think that farm land and open space contribute to the overall wellbeing of any community. Farms and forests can be critical to preserving our water resources, they support wildlife and they provide places for hiking, biking and bird watching among other outdoor activities. We believe that every effort should be made to keep farm land from being developed.

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